This is a story about Max. Max is a Dutch young man, born on November 1st 1993. In March 2006, at the age of 12, he got a flu after a period of great stress for the “National Capacity Test”. He was in the last grade of Elementary School, preparing for Grammar School in a new environment. The flu went away and came back after a week. Because of the fact Max also had fever, he took 2 pills of Ibuprofen, brand Nurofen.

On this website is described what happened next. How Max got into a so called auto-immune reaction and immediately progressively suffered from a sadistic combination of symptoms that was called Stevens Johnson Syndrome. He barely survived and his life would never be the same.

When you’re interested in Stevens Johnson Syndrome, in Max, in modern diseases or you just want to read about an example of the potential lethal pills that are developed, sold and given to our children, please go on to the next pages.

While reading these pages, keep in mind that the prescription of NSAID like Ibuprofen is in many countries prohibited for children under 16 years. For Max taking these pills was nearly lethal. Are you willing to take the risk with your own child or can you prevent a comparable drama?