Reasonably stable

Last year Max’s vision has remained reasonably stable. 6 Percent in his right eye, 1% in his left. The piggy back, the protective contact lenses in both eyes are tolerated reasonably well, although sometimes they fall out. Nothing can be done about that. Max is grateful for the piggy back being tolerated reasonably well and especially that the pain and irritation have disappeared completely from both eyes. Instructed by dr. Zaal, Max now awaits a certain special medicine that can … Read More

Lens magic

The last two years Max’s eyes have remained stable. Max’s vision has remained 4% to 8% in his right eye, and 0,5% in his left eye. Medication usage has been reduced to corticosteroids, once a day, in his right eye and antibiotic eye cream during the night in both of his eyes. During the day, Max was forced to use eye cream in his left eye, because otherwise pain would be too big. Until recently. Last week, thanks to the … Read More

Slowly slowly forward

Max’s eyes have improved over the past three years. Slowly yet stadily. His vision is now, on average, 20/200, meaning 10%. Dr. Zaal and Visser Contactlenzen have done a great job over the past years. Max is grateful. Max has started making YouTube videos. To see his first video on SJS, you watch by this link.

Improvement for both eyes?

Last tuesday (December 19th, 2017) Max has undergone surgery at VUmc in Amsterdam. This time, Max’s both eyes were operated. In the left eye, again membrane of the mouth was implemented to further enhance the condition of the eye. In the right eye, a hydrophobic part of the epithelium was corrected. Recovery since the surgery is going well. The pain that Max feels is less than expected.  The mouth heals quickly, just like after transplantations of membrane of the mouth … Read More

Small surgery

Last Thursday, Max underwent surgery to his left eye. Surgery took place in Zaandam and took 1,5 hour. The aim of this surgery was to further improve the condition of the eye. Old stitches were removed. Surplus membrane of the mouth was removed and placed to the most hydrophobic parts of the eye. The days after, Max’s left eye hurt. The eye got inflamed after surgery. This was because of the dry parts being irritated by the surgery. Now, slowly the … Read More

Surgery has succeeded

Surgery of January 17th 2017 has succeeded. Two big portions of membrane of the mouth were transplanted into the upper and lower side of Max’s left eye. A bandage of amnion (stamcell tissue) was placed on the eye, which was held in its place by a small ring, placed on the cornea. For a few days, the eye was held closed by stitches through  the eye lids. This was to keep the eye moist and protected. Workout again Two days … Read More

New surgery for left eye

The past months, Max vision has stabilized to a 7-8%. Cortico steroids and antibiotics usage was reduced to once per day. This is a good thing, since this has significantly reduced the chance of negative side effects. Max has almost no pains or irritations in his right eye, now his good eye. His left eye has a vision of 0,5% still. The conjunctiva are often swollen and irritated. The eye is more red and more often inflamed than his right … Read More

July 2013 Update

It has been almost one year since surgery. Last months the situation has staid reasonably stabile, although sometimes the long, cold and dry winter caused pain and extra dry eyes. At present, sight in the right eye is as it has been for the last years. This, meaning around 2% – 4%. The dryness is not too bad, although in the right side of the eye, the coniunctiva, there is still a bit of keratinization. The left eye has got … Read More

Update September / October 2009

September 2009 Vascularisation is progressing in Max’ left eye as well as the growing of scare tissue. Vision seems to stabilize between 10% and 15%. Max is going to school again with his new laptop with speech software. Thus, with electronic books, he is able to follow classes and study independently. He his mentally in a pretty good shape and travels independently. October 2009 No major developments. Vision seems to stabilize at approx. 10%. Medicines have been decreased to almost … Read More

Alarm; eye pressure was gone

On 7th June Max complained about a very wet left eye. The eye leaked warm fluid that didn’t come from the mucous membranes. In the following days the leaking continued and the eye started to feel like pudding: it seemed that the eye pressure was gone. On 11th June Dr. Zaal examined Max and confirmed that apparently the eye hadn’t been able to heal a stubborn erosion which now had become a perforation. The left eye leaked fluid from the … Read More

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