Eyes remained stable – July 2015

The past months the general condition in Max’s eyes has remained stable.  When irritation or inflammation seems to occur, a short period of antibiotics usage follows which stops it. It has shown to be possible to keep the eyes moist using eye creame instead of artificial tears, also during the day. The big advantage being that the dribbling each 15 minutes is not needed anymore,. This has greatly improved comfort in life. In June 2014 Max had undergone an experimental … Read More

July 2013 Update

It has been almost one year since surgery. Last months the situation has staid reasonably stabile, although sometimes the long, cold and dry winter caused pain and extra dry eyes. At present, sight in the right eye is as it has been for the last years. This, meaning around 2% – 4%. The dryness is not too bad, although in the right side of the eye, the coniunctiva, there is still a bit of keratinization. The left eye has got … Read More

Cornea transplantation

6 Layers of the left cornea have been transplanted from an a-typical donor in June. Unfortunately, the overall weakness of the eye made it impossible to use “light-stitches”. The effects are quite dramatic. After not even 2 weeks, wrong epithelial cells take over the cornea and the vision disapears.

Homeopathic treatment in March 2012

Ever since the homeopathic treatment in 2009, Max has been stable without any change in vision. Dr Zaal theorizes about a cornea transplant in the left eye before summer.

Protective glasses

The usual negative consequences of winter weather and cold wind have been avoided by Max having worn protective glasses. Although his vision did not improve, he now has been fairly steady for almost one year.

September 2010 – Isopathy

Isopathy worked out great. Max has come through summer without any set backs. His eyes have maintained calmth and blood vessels somewhat withdrew. His vision didn’t improve much, but stability is a first gain. Dr Zaal and we agreed that with these improvements we shouldn’t risk to let Max undergo surgery. Let’s first wait which natural improvements can be obtained and which effects autumn and winter will have on him.

May 2010 – an isopathic experiment

In April we had an isopathic experiment. Max took Ibuprofen that was homeopathically potentiated (i.e. about 1/10,000,000 of a regular dose). Since then his eyes seem to have stabilized. While normally any small improvement would have been followed by a bigger deterioration, his vision has been stable since and even slightly improved.

Important news march 2010

We received good news: a cornea was available for Max. He was prepared by all means for surgery that would take place on 23rd March. Good timing, because his left cornea is somewhat deteriorating. Unfortunately the transplant didn’t pass quality inspection and surgery has been cancelled.

December 2009 / January 2010

In December Max suffered from a major erosion in his left eye, thus increasing the danger of infection and leaving him with a significantly decreased vision. In order to protect his eye, dr Zaal asked Visser Contactlenzen to measure a so-called “bandagelense”. That is a soft lens with zero strength that should hold up to a month. On December 31, Max lost the lens. The left erosion grew and got very bloody. On January 4 a new lens was installed … Read More

Update September / October 2009

September 2009 Vascularisation is progressing in Max’ left eye as well as the growing of scare tissue. Vision seems to stabilize between 10% and 15%. Max is going to school again with his new laptop with speech software. Thus, with electronic books, he is able to follow classes and study independently. He his mentally in a pretty good shape and travels independently. October 2009 No major developments. Vision seems to stabilize at approx. 10%. Medicines have been decreased to almost … Read More

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