Eyes remained stable – July 2015

The past months the general condition in Max’s eyes has remained stable.  When irritation or inflammation seems to occur, a short period of antibiotics usage follows which stops it. It has shown to be possible to keep the eyes moist using eye creame instead of artificial tears, also during the day. The big advantage being that the dribbling each 15 minutes is not needed anymore,. This has greatly improved comfort in life.

In June 2014 Max had undergone an experimental surgery. During this surgery a small portion of membrane of the mouth was transplanted into the left conjunctiva of the left eye. This surgery was done to improve the general condition (especially the moistness) of the eye. One year later this small portion has proven to be accepted by the eye and has indeed shown to make the left eye more moist. It is therefore that Max and dr. Zaal have decided to let another surgery take place.

This surgery is planned on July 9th. A bigger portion of membrane of the mouth will be transplanted, this time into the right conjunctiva of  the right eye. This time a new technique will be used: the membrane will be secured using amnion, which is very pure embryonic tissue. Hopefully this will decrease the chance of rejection and of allergic reactions to a minimum.

Next to that a (partial) cornea transplantation will take place. 6 Layers of a donor cornea will replace scar tissue in Max’s  cornea. By this a substantive increase of vision is hoped to be achieved. In contrast to the partial cornea transplantation of three years back, here the amnion technique will be used to prevent inflammation and rejection.

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