August 2016, another year passed by

One year has passed since the first cornea transplantation combined with membrane of the mouth has taken place. In total, Max has undergone 5 interventions, of which 3 were transplantations of membrane of the mouth.

In july the last transplantation of membrane of the mouth has taken place. This time the tissue was placed on the weakest spot on Max’s right eye cornea to protect it against dryness and external factors.

The condition of the eye has improved. The hydrophobic bad cells of the epithelium have been replaced by good cells. Together with this improvement of the condition, vision has improved up to 10%. Because of the good condition, vision remains quite stable. Fortunately, Max can also reduce medicine dosages. He now uses cortico steroids once every 2 days.
The coming months no surgery will take place. The eye is given rest so it can further heal. It is expected that with proper care,the condition will improve further and the transparency of the epithelium will increase, resulting in even better vision.

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