Surgery has succeeded

Surgery of January 17th 2017 has succeeded. Two big portions of membrane of the mouth were transplanted into the upper and lower side of Max’s left eye. A bandage of amnion (stamcell tissue) was placed on the eye, which was held in its place by a small ring, placed on the cornea. For a few days, the eye was held closed by stitches through  the eye lids. This was to keep the eye moist and protected.

Workout again

Two days after surgery, Max was back at university.  He suffered pain, but it was not unbearable. After the stitches were removed from the eyelids, his energy came back fully. One week after surgery, he could workout again.

The eye is quite red still. This is because recovery fully in process. The first positive signs have shown themselves though. Initially, the eye was fully hydrophobic, but now the artifical tear that Max usesis contained for 90%. Max now feels no pain or irritation whatsoever. He can fully enjoy the comfort of the artificial tear.

Improvement of eye condition

Untill now, there are important signs of improvement of the eye condition.  This is very important for the cornea transplantation that will take place in the summer. But first, a small policlinical surgery will take place. This will be to further optimize the condition of the eye. This correction will take place in May.

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