Growth epithelium has completed

Growth of the epithelium has completed. The corneal defect has disappeared. Max is quite relieved.

Since the end of august Max has been wearing a bandage contact lens in the right eye. This is to protect the epithelium and to improve its growth. The lens was rejected every night. Fortunately, Max could go to the specialists of Visser Contactlenzen literally every day. It is because of their fantastic care and monitoring that Max could retain his inner peace and could facilitate the healing process.

The completed epithelium is divided in two sides: a bad side and a good side. The bad side contains inferior, hydrophobic, turbid cells. The good side on the other hand contains transparent and moisture retaining cells.

Dr. Zaal assumes that there is a connection between the growth of good epithelium cells from the direction of the conjunctiva with membrane of the mouth, and the growth of inferior cells from the direction of the conjunctiva that are scarred still.

The membrane of the mouth is said to be beneficiary to the eye. A new surgery is being prepared. Membrane of the mouth will once again be transplantated. It will be inserted into the scarred conjunctiva on the above side of the right eye.

It is unclear how the good and bad epithelium cells will relate to each other. It is possible that the inferior cells will transform into good ones or vice versa. A next step, next to already mentioned surgery, could be to remove the bad cells to facilitate further growth of good cells.

Max’s vision still fluctuates, be it less extremely. Max enjoys the good moments. He is quite used to taking good care of his eyes and he can combine it with his studies and his hobbies without it taking away too much energy. He barely looks at the – seemingly good looking – future and he’s feeling  extraordinarily good.

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