Improvement for both eyes?

Last tuesday (December 19th, 2017) Max has undergone surgery at VUmc in Amsterdam. This time, Max’s both eyes were operated. In the left eye, again membrane of the mouth was implemented to further enhance the condition of the eye. In the right eye, a hydrophobic part of the epithelium was corrected.

Recovery since the surgery is going well. The pain that Max feels is less than expected.  The mouth heals quickly, just like after transplantations of membrane of the mouth that Max has undergone in the past. It is expected that the pain in the left eye will decrease with every day. The coming days, Max will rest. He has taken some time of from his studies and work.

Max’s eyesight has become quite stabile since last surgery. In the left eye, Max sees approx. 0,5%. In the right, Max has eyesight of approx. 4%.

Improvement in the last two years

Dr. Zaal is quite positive about the developments of Max’s eyes of the last two years. The coming months, Max will have recovery as his main goal. Next to that he will be busy with his studies (philosophy) and with his side job. It is expected that a cornea transplantation will take place in the summer of next year. This transplantation will have the aim to improve Max’s eyesight in the left eye.

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