July 2013 Update

It has been almost one year since surgery. Last months the situation has staid reasonably stabile, although sometimes the long, cold and dry winter caused pain and extra dry eyes. At present, sight in the right eye is as it has been for the last years. This, meaning around 2% – 4%. The dryness is not too bad, although in the right side of the eye, the coniunctiva, there is still a bit of keratinization. The left eye has got a blow by the surgery. Although last months the feeling of total blindness has mostly disappeared, eyesight leaves much to be desired as it is fluctuates between almost nothing and 1%. Most days, there is no pain or irritation to be felt. Neither has there been any photophobia recently, because of the superficial layers of the cornea, although not clear at all, have been undamaged and without erosions.

Medical developments have to be awaited in order to improve the situation, especially the cultivation of cornea from own stem cells. For the time being, the situation has to be kept stabile. Photophobia and pain being absent, makes life as visually impaired very livable.

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