Lens magic

The last two years Max’s eyes have remained stable. Max’s vision has remained 4% to 8% in his right eye, and 0,5% in his left eye. Medication usage has been reduced to corticosteroids, once a day, in his right eye and antibiotic eye cream during the night in both of his eyes.

During the day, Max was forced to use eye cream in his left eye, because otherwise pain would be too big. Until recently.

Last week, thanks to the expertise of Mr. Otten, Visser Contactlenenzen, piggy back was successfully implemented in Max’s left eye. Piggy back means that Max wears a hard bandage contact lens on top of a soft one. It was certainly not easy, because of the irregular cornea and transplanted membranes of the mouth in Max’s left eye. It took several years to achieve this, but finally, thanks to Mr. Otten’s ‘lens magic’, it worked out well: Max is now able to wear bandage contact lenses in his left eye the whole day. Pain and irritation have disappeared and vision has improved a bit. A happy end of 2022.



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