New surgery for left eye

The past months, Max vision has stabilized to a 7-8%. Cortico steroids and antibiotics usage was reduced to once per day. This is a good thing, since this has significantly reduced the chance of negative side effects. Max has almost no pains or irritations in his right eye, now his good eye.

His left eye has a vision of 0,5% still. The conjunctiva are often swollen and irritated. The eye is more red and more often inflamed than his right eye.

Dr. Zaal and Max have decided to start a new surgery cycle regarding his left eye. The plan will be the same as the surgeries in the right eye the past two years. Only now, membrane of the mouth will be transplantated first. This is scheduled for Tuesday 17th January 2017 in VUmc. Suspectecly, Max will get a new cornea in the summer of ’17.

Differently from what happened to Max’s right eye, the cornea in the left eye will be transplantated at a later stage than the first transplantation of membrane of the mouth. This is because now, first the condition of Max’s eye can improve. It is suspected the new cornea will benefit from the membrane of the mouth, which will then be accepted by and integrated in the eye.


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