March 2006 Max left the hospital

On March 30th 2006 Max left VUmc. He was happy to return home. His lips and mouth stopped bleeding in the beginning of May.By then he was able to eat most food.

As his mouth seemed to repair quickly, he had ongoing problems with his eyes, nails and skin. Max had enough energy to go to school, which he did at first half days and in the course of June fulltime.

We had doubts whether the effects of SJS were limited to the M.E. (Milieu Extérieur) but doctors convinced us not to worry.He simply would have chronic problems with nails, skin and eyes. Max didn’t care about his skin or nails but was afraid for what would happen to his eyes.Dermatologists announced that he would have to live with hundreds of scars. His nails could never be repaired.

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