March 2007 Update

In March 2007, after the failure of our experiment with sceral lenses (that normally would have helped greatly but the complexity of Max’ problems was just too big), we got to visit a naturopathic doctor. She analysed Max and found him to have the resistance and constitution of an old man. He was diagnosed with the “leaky gut syndrom”. So Max didn’t eat Lactosis, nor Glutes, nor Proteins for more than a month. What happened? His skin got back to normal. Within 4 weeks.

Having reached this result, we hoped for more. Meanwhile it became clear that the dozens of antibiotics (given to Max in infusion in VUmc) that had saved him from dangerous infections at the time, now also seemed to have ruined his intestines. After all this wasn’t a surprise.

According to the naturopathic doctor, Max would need 2 years to regain his “old” strength, another 2 years to regenerate his mucous membranes and then 2 additional years to reset his immune system. Max was on a severe diet, was indeed regaining strength. But his eyes kept deteriorating. So doctor Jes achieved results about which specialists didn’t even dare dreaming of. Nevertheless, Max’ eyes were problematic.

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