May 2008

As from May 2008 things got into a rush. Despite the steroids, despite the diet, Max’ vision got to the point that he wasn’t able to travel independently and safely in modern traffic anymore. So, his skin was healed, his nails were improving (but were far from perfect) and his eyes were still getting worse.

The effects on his eyes can be summarized as

  • Dryness, no tears at all
  • Inflamed Conjunctiva
  • Corneal erosions
  • Progressive neovascularization
  • Probable limbal stem cell deficiency
  • Decreasing vision
  • Max uses to date artificial teardrops, washing liquid and an ointment for the night. He uses “serum drups” made of his own blood.

Classical Homeopathy has done a lot for Max, thanks to Paul Albers in Nijmegen (NL). Max’ constitution, i.e. his mental and emotional well-being has improved beyond belief. Nevertheless, the pathology of his eyes has come to a point where further “regular” medical intervention is unavoidable. Fortunately Max has been visiting Dr Zaal in VUmc in the past 3 years. Dr Zaal didn’t spare any effort to help Max.

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