Small surgery

Last Thursday, Max underwent surgery to his left eye. Surgery took place in Zaandam and took 1,5 hour. The aim of this surgery was to further improve the condition of the eye. Old stitches were removed. Surplus membrane of the mouth was removed and placed to the most hydrophobic parts of the eye.

The days after, Max’s left eye hurt. The eye got inflamed after surgery. This was because of the dry parts being irritated by the surgery. Now, slowly the pain decreases. Max has taken some days off from his work. He will start working again the coming week. He is glad he can continue his sporting activities also.

Cornea transplantation is postponed

In consultation with Dr. Zaal, the cornea transplantation of coming summer is postponed. This is to enable the eyes to stabilize further and to enhance their condition. Also, Max can now focus on finishing his studies.

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