Tips for SJS victims

These are some tips. Max has composed them based on his own experiences.

  • If your eyes are dry, use artificial tears. As soon as you feel any dryness, use your eye drops! It does not matter how often.
  • Get glasses with protective caps. At least you should get sport glasses. Protect your eyes against the wind. Wind can make your eyes dry very quickly. Weeks of recovery can be for nought by some minutes of that detremental wind. Be sure to choose a modern frame with which you feel comfortable.
  • Buy and use a white cane. It does not have to be the long cane.  A short ID-cane will suffice if you see badly.  The cane helps, as people can see that you have something to your eyes and/or that you cannot see that well. People become much nicer to you. Moreover, they understand you better, which makes you more likeable to them.
  • Do sports and eat healthy. Working out helps. It lowers stress and improves the cardio-vascular system.  This also benefits the eyes.
  • Talk and share. Be sure that you have people around you (friends and family) that you trust and with whom you can share your fears and doubts. To survive SJS is not peanuts. There are many practical matters which you have to take into account. Share your frustrations with friends and family. This makes a big difference. Besides, they can come up with ideas that could be of big use to you.