December 2008; could not read anymore

Since early December 2008 Max couldn’t read anything anymore. Developments went quickly now. We knew it was time for action, for measures: neovascularisation was covering most of his cornea. We contacted Sensis in the Netherlands, an institute that takes care of functioning and well being of blind people and persons with poor eyesight. It was again wunderful to meet persons that truly care about helping others.

January 2009

In January 2009 we got in touch with several oculists and we visited dr. Melles at the NIIOS in Rotterdam. He advised not to undertake any action that would potentially eventually compromise a ‘total solution’. But there is no time left. Max has to see. His eyes are ok, there’s just a layer, a surface, a broken misty window. Our goals are to avoid transplantation, to maximize vision and to determine which external triggers (food, allergies) could possibly worsen deterioration.

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